A New Beginning:

This summer I am away from home and discovering new passions. I am living with a family, working at Dutch Bro's coffee, taking an online class and more. Since I have been at college I have been developing a love for baking and discovering new delicious treats. I have decided that this summer I would start baking more and writing about what I bake on this site. These recipes are not mine, I am using ones I find just to learn and have fun! Hope you enjoy reading and learning new treats to fill your kitchen with!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

FINAL DAY!!! The 31st. :)

I decided for my last day to have fun! I wanted chocolate because that is the best and I wanted to make it look cute. So I decided to go a good old fashion bundt cake and make it look like a worm. Super easy to cute and decorate it how ever you like. Pictures will be up soon! Thanks all for following my month of baking :) Can't believe/super excited/sad to say its over! I will most likely continue to add recipes every so often to this as the years go on!

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